Art: Martyn Colbeck, Storks and Kilimanjaro
Art: Martyn Colbeck, Storks and Kilimanjaro

Though you prepare for your next adventure, I think of you, my encourager who inspires me to be the best I can be.

The temporariness of our merge was awe striking.

So many adventures within us to explore—world’s deep…

The human element panics because the treks, within us, together, may never be taken.

You are indeed an inspiration to my soul.

I was touched in ways never before seen and for that I am grateful.

Should we not depart together on our individual quests I am so pleased to have known you once.

Your goals are different than mine. This I know you see.

Because we have our missions to perform, it was imperative that the interview phase ensued for us to assess our directional flow.

We had to gather the necessary data determining what to incorporate into our lives because our quests are bigger than either of us, and we never want to trample on the sacredness of our earthly mission with unnecessary hindrances.

Not a victim here but a lonely heart that misses you even though I know there is so much more for the two of us to accomplish, to see, to touch, to smell, to feel—whether that is separate or together or both.

Thank you adventurer, explorer, climber, linguist, lover, tantalizer

Someday I wish to call you Friend.

© 2012, Nesi Writes


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