Artist: Gina Intveen

Deliverance from an incessant multitasking lifestyle is powerfully superb—totally awesome.

Yes, guess you can tell I’m a girl from the ‘80s—for sure, gnarly, grody to the max.

I embraced the trends of my era from autonomy to Gucci, Louis, and Fendi—byproducts of the ‘80s—the age of decadence, bravado, and big hair.

No, I wasn’t on the drug scene but thinking back so many of us were very thin. Coke does that you know—high, wild, flying free, Yuppie, Buppie, Beamer, and all in between.

“I’m Every Woman” was the standard.

In the ‘70s, they brought home the bacon. In the “80s, we took it to a whole new level by negotiating high-powered deals determining whether to buy or sell the pork from whence the bacon came.

Our prestigious jobs afforded us decision-making opportunities affecting billions of lives with millions of dollars at our disposal to do with as we pleased keeping the corporate machine moving full steam ahead.

Some of my sisters raised babies, satisfied husbands, and attended fund-raisers while simultaneously landing million-dollar contracts. That’s what busting down the door to occupy the ivory tower entailed.

See, we grew up knowing that women could do anything. Our feminist sisters, as you call them, paved the way for us to have it all.

Superwoman now embodied us—no Lois Lane roles for the ‘80s ladies.

Then, the dam broke…

We realized what we’d become was a bit too costly—losing some things along the way, e.g., our children, family, the loves of our life, you name it.

Looking back, overstuffed bank accounts and the satisfaction of knowing we could run shit better than any two men put together were all that remained—so what?

I tell you my feminine gender ladies from the ‘80s, it’s time to relax, release, and rest. Three decades have passed.

That, big hair-shoulder padded suit-junior in the back seat of the Beamer with his sunglasses-window screen on his side of the car, age vanished into the annals of time.

Rest, Chick!

Join us as we chill here in the 21st century where we’ve got nothing to prove to anyone.

It’s time to flow in your know—doing what you do, exhaling your authentic breath into the air surrounding you.

My Sister, I extend love, tranquility, and deuces to you.

Be free…

© 2012, Nesi Writes


2 thoughts on “Eighties Lady to Authentic Goddess: Decades of Travailing

  1. ahhhh, i absolutely love this line: “It’s time to flow in your know—doing what you do, exhaling your authentic breath into the air surrounding you.”

    Your authentic breath! Wow! Yes yes yes! I was JUST talking to a girlfriend this morning about how times are changing — there is this shift on our planet. And you are tapping in to it here in this post. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate you for reading Eighties Lady to Authentic Goddess and sharing your insight regarding the planet’s shift.

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