Art: Marc Leitzel: (Oponok), Dancing in The Light

I quietly observe your rugged masculinity, from a distance. Your mission: lead, challenge, and motivate others to follow their destined path.

Your bulging muscles flex beneath your gear as you carry your responsibility and the burden of the disenfranchised upon your back.

In the bush, I stand watching, hoping, and yearning to experience you and your ruggedness.

Light reveals your greatness to me, whispering in my ear, “Though he’s blessed with an awesomely fine body, handsome looks, and a super intelligent mind, he’s a king among men, guiding many, being their source of refuge. His call is great.”

I apologize to Light for selfishly desiring to experience you when throngs need you to direct them to carry out their destined purpose. Light truthfully and frankly, explains to me, “No apology needed. He has room for you if he chooses.”

I blush. I smile. I delightfully dance in pure joy realizing our opportunity to experience each other in all our fullness, in all our glory resides in, “if we so choose…”

©2012 Nesi Writes


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