Art: Nancy Hannans, Bird in The Hand

Calling all those I’ve secretly held captive in my bosom of possessiveness. I set you free.

You are welcome to perch on my outstretched hand where freedom to fly reigns.

Flashes, of unpleasant memories of holding too tightly, are but remnants.

Captivity’s chains are now part of the non-essential crew.

I offer opened hands washed of possession’s poison as a gift to you if you desire rest, refuge, and freedom to play.

Awareness speaks…

©2012, Nesi Writes


2 thoughts on “Freedom to Fly Reigns

  1. Tameka, so true it is not an easy task to relinquish possessiveness…I try daily to allow others and myself to thrive in freedom. I am a novice in the awareness phase of setting those I held captive free… {wish me well}

    Thank you so much for sharing your link to “My Release”…such magnificent & beautiful passionate words…

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