Of Birds and Seeds

Image: Wynne Parry—Live Science

Unleashed seeds plunge ground-ward welcoming their destined fate.

Birds soar high above with hunger-filled beaks quickly spotting their next sumptuous feast.

Numerous seeds lightly sprinkle the fertile ground.

Those uneaten by the swooping birds burrow through the earth greeting their miraculous death.

They’ll rise again after radically transforming producing a bountiful harvest that the birds will still long to eat.

©2012, Nesi Writes


Boredom’s Chase

Don Russell, Fleeing Evil

Boredom nips at my heels—demanding satisfaction.

I run from its hunger because I’m left empty when boredom hounds me.

Boredom is a ravenous bottomless pit.

If I turn to face this hound, requiring an explanation of its desires, what truth will it impart?

©2012, Nesi Writes

Life And Whoredom

Art: Mark Heggie, Whore Has A Face

I met a lady named Whoredom—she seemed void of depth. Quickly, she excused herself from our presence thinking she’d nothing to contribute to our conversation. We were merely discussing life?

©2011, Nesi Writes

Relationship Apprentice

Jilted Lover by Ultimatetattts

For the life of me, it’s incomprehensible the turn events took between you and me.

My mind sorts, sifts, and shakes out debris wondering how we can flow again melodically.

Such abrupt exiting without respectfully enlightening me gives rise to unnecessary vexation.

Is that the way it was to be—your temporary brevity?

Was anything of significance meant to occur between you and me besides our affable exchanges?

Surely, it can’t be that I’m not to see what interested me about thee?

Could you just up and leave me desperately trying to examine where we went from affable to enemies?

I can’t fathom thee running from me ‘cause I saw through thee openly purely naturally.

Your light radiated exquisitely, wholeheartedly, and genuinely reflecting your amazing virility.

We willingly submitted to beauty’s serenity, which granted our hearts an awesome opportunity to experience each other outwardly.

However, knowledge of you digging me intimately flees swiftly because your feelings for me ceased flowing freely.

For the life of me, I cannot understand the complexity of this seemingly finality.

My heart is extremely optimistic—standing resolute in my belief that love on this side of eternity still exists.

©2012, Nesi Writes