Art: Paul Chatem, Devil’s Plaything

She purchased me—like I am a hooker or something.

Supposedly, she needed me—instead she hid me away, out of sight out of mind.

Occasionally, she glances at me when she is nearby—toying with me like I am her plaything.

Even though I am available for her, she goes to someone else instead of thinking about me.

Sometimes desperation causes her to grab me, loosen me, and pour me over her cushiony friend.

After I satisfy her right spot, she is content—casting me aside once again.

I return to my isolated dark place longing for her return.

I know I behave foolishly by acquiescing to the way she uses me.

She willingly, openly, and freely allows her friends to pass me around tending to their little dirty deeds.

These acts leave me humiliated—feeling so cheap, and filthy.

Her constant neglect and disrespect frustrate me—rendering me helpless because I am in her possession.

However, I wait in desperation for her return to me.

Her Nail Polish Remover

©2012, Nesi Writes


2 thoughts on “Plaything

    1. LOL. Some people have told me they WANTED to continue reading just to see what/who I was talking about. I appreciate you for reading me. Glad I caused you to laugh. : )

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