Artist: Monica Perretta

The night’s tumult began its blanketing effect earlier that day slowly blackening the light.

Painful anguish shrouded me like never before.

My inner strength fought resisting the smothering feeling of losing control hastening my fatal demise.

Wisdom’s counsel comforted me as the war of two natures enveloped me.

Strangely, my higher-self knew I’d make it through the night as a survivor.

Since losing control, my polarized natures had to settle the struggle without my assistance.

Instantaneously, peace stepped in assuring me of my safety amid the vehement conflict.

Lifetimes of stories simultaneously flickered throughout my soul as I beheld the many realms of existence.

Around midnight, the inward struggle ceased—aligning my emotions once again.

Right was my world once more leaving only a residual fog—peace, tranquility, and calm—from the duel within.

©2012 Nesi Writes


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