Art: Kevin A. Williams, If This World Were Mine

Beautiful creature you are—smart, brilliant, full of light, creative, caring, giving and the like.

Strength outweighing your frailties, your humble eyes do not see what your contemporaries admire most about you.

Reflecting light shining within you, brings others comfort, hope, encouragement, and cheer.

Scaling summits where eagles soar and ascending from valleys others cannot survive t’is amazing.

Your way with people is remarkable. It’s a wonder that you have anything to do with them since the afflictions you’ve overcome have been so extreme.

I’ve such pride for you regarding your ascension in spite of the wicked. They’ve cast venomous spells to tarnish and kill your spirit.

You’re as a glorious phoenix rising from ashes showing forth glory and majesty.

What encouragement…

©2012 Nesi Writes


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