Soul Trafficking With The Perp

Art: Kasia Ikasia

When he’s near, why is there silence by those gathered?

Why are you expected, by kin, to interact with him as if nothing ever went down?

Some of you may be familiar with this type of interaction, but maybe you’re not.

God rest your soul…

It’s demoralizing and humiliating pretending everything is everything—talk about giant elephants in the room.

Anger describes it best.

There’re laws for known sex offenders—restricting them from moving about at will.

But what about you—you know the one—you, the one who was never reported?

How can you get away with doing as you please—interacting with your victim in light of the family’s awareness?

What justice system restricts you?

Why do you thrive, and your victim winces every time you attend family gatherings?

Yes, golden child, the family knows of your tainted deeds.

It’s a damn shame for them behaving as if nothing ever happened.

Will the time bomb explode bringing your indiscretion to the public’s light—laying you bare with your draws caught down?

Oh, Perp, your demise draws near for I can’t bear to be silent about your violation any longer.

© 2012, Nesi Writes