Nuptial Lessons

Freedom Art

Reflecting upon that insidious institution called marriage; I realize I was not as I presented myself to the world during my nuptial. Since my authentic self hid, I divorced—moving forward, allowing myself to emerge.

With intent, I declined the bitterness invitation, but she continuously lurked at my door. Today, I consciously choose who I want to be—a woman void of bitterness. Strict orders in the book of law prevent bitterness from trespassing near my heart.

Each day, I try on my adventures like clothes—tossing some and adding others to my hope chest.

Amidst coupling, marriage, and otherwise, I realize that when the energy of two people collides, a dynamic specific to that union occurs. Universal laws exist; preventing a previous union’s replication from ever occurring again.  Each union is its own one-of-a-kind silo. Oh, what exciting news!

So, release your fear and anxiety that your next union will be as the previous—never gonna happen. Is that not wonderful?

I look forward to experiencing my multi-faceted wonderful self within all my everyday encounters. Wish me well as I send reciprocal love back to you…

©2012 Nesi Writes



Of Royal Descent

Artist Unknown

Once I groveled, presently I glide—at times faltering; now assurance leads my way.

Without a void, I courageously explore all that’s been set before me—a buffet of pleasurable delights.

I encounter no woes and no foes.

Arriving at this place of peace is surreal yet familiar—like where I’ve always been meant.

My previous illusionary state was completely deceptive.

Horrid though my past might have been, nevermore am I faced with looking at its slain head.

Truth revealed the illusion; a bully scared me into believing I existed as a lower-class soul.

Being of royal descent, my nature is regal reigning with princes; leading and plotting courses of illuminated destinies.

I’m a warrior Princess.

My sheathed sword can cut through spiritual bones and sinews; ensuring the security of my lot.

Where there once was pity now there’s awe and disbelief of my profound transformation.

I’m a Princess—mighty and bold because my Father is King.

My Father not only taught me ways of the regal, but he’s gifted me with strategic maneuvering to chart destiny’s course.

Granted eagle height perspective, I see miles ahead as I stay my journey’s course.

I lead my Father’s army; for they trust and know I have their best life at heart.

They’re free to be who they are in our kingdom—exhaling their breath so others are capable of living.

Soul bondage is a death row felony in our land—only freedom walks our gilded streets.

So, what are your desires, my Father asks?

I’m without anything—because now, I receive gifts you choose to give me.

©2012 Nesi Writes

Clarity Speaks

Artist: Clarity

With lifted arms, I part the sea leading to your next port—adventuresome it’ll be.

You’re rich in wealth and knowledge.

Your experience projects you into other realms.

Few trod this path, but through fire’s purging you’re granted this gift.

You’ve been proven a thousand times over.

Understandably so, you do not think your vision to be clear—not true!

The lens you peer through is clouded—deluded by yesterday’s grunge.

Wiping the spectacles clean, what do you see?

From the shore, I stand upon; I see a panoramic view filled with rainbows, cliffs, and seas.

It’s time for me to cross the calm sea—crossing over in lush meadows and fields of my dreams.

I desire nothing for all is whole.

My life’s content—anything else is gravy, I so graciously welcome.

Thank you for this peaceful tranquility, this honored state, a true place of grace and bliss.

In the spring of my knowing, my beginning is fresh—made anew, reset.

As clarity spoke before, now, it’s all gravy…

©2012 Nesi Writes


Art: Kevin A. Williams, If This World Were Mine

Beautiful creature you are—smart, brilliant, full of light, creative, caring, giving and the like.

Strength outweighing your frailties, your humble eyes do not see what your contemporaries admire most about you.

Reflecting light shining within you, brings others comfort, hope, encouragement, and cheer.

Scaling summits where eagles soar and ascending from valleys others cannot survive t’is amazing.

Your way with people is remarkable. It’s a wonder that you have anything to do with them since the afflictions you’ve overcome have been so extreme.

I’ve such pride for you regarding your ascension in spite of the wicked. They’ve cast venomous spells to tarnish and kill your spirit.

You’re as a glorious phoenix rising from ashes showing forth glory and majesty.

What encouragement…

©2012 Nesi Writes

Right Is My World

Artist: Monica Perretta

The night’s tumult began its blanketing effect earlier that day slowly blackening the light.

Painful anguish shrouded me like never before.

My inner strength fought resisting the smothering feeling of losing control hastening my fatal demise.

Wisdom’s counsel comforted me as the war of two natures enveloped me.

Strangely, my higher-self knew I’d make it through the night as a survivor.

Since losing control, my polarized natures had to settle the struggle without my assistance.

Instantaneously, peace stepped in assuring me of my safety amid the vehement conflict.

Lifetimes of stories simultaneously flickered throughout my soul as I beheld the many realms of existence.

Around midnight, the inward struggle ceased—aligning my emotions once again.

Right was my world once more leaving only a residual fog—peace, tranquility, and calm—from the duel within.

©2012 Nesi Writes

One Self Actualized Moment at a Time

Kerream Jones, Breakthrough

Understanding you is fully accepting you and the freedom you so eagerly embrace.

Hating and begrudging you for experiencing life to the fullest are lunacy and unawareness mixed.

Nose diving headlong into our life oceans allows us to experience who and what we are completely.

You lead by example displaying one self-actualized moment at a time.

Living out loud is a message you sometimes unknowingly leave with those nearest you.

In humility, I bow to you, pioneer.

Carry on…

©2012, Nesi Writes

On My Way

Artist: Poh Ling Yeow

When my way is heavy, I do not have to carry the load.

When my direction is unclear, I have a Spiritual GPS that directs me.

When I’m outraged, I have a choice to accept and acknowledge my feelings plus help that causes me to behave in a manner consistent with my heavenly nature—allowing love, joy, and peace to have their way.

When I’m confused about what someone has done, I can shake it off remembering not to take it personally because that person may be reacting to something or someone other than me…I can bless them and not curse them for that power is within me.

Today, I choose to exercise my God-given right to live out of my Spirit in spite of what other voices I hear…

…oh, by the way, don’t call those people with that specially designed jacket just because I admit I hear other voices—LOL…I know you hear them, too.

© 2012 Nesi Writes