Art: Kevin A. Williams, If This World Were Mine

Beautiful creature you are—smart, brilliant, full of light, creative, caring, giving and the like.

Strength outweighing your frailties, your humble eyes do not see what your contemporaries admire most about you.

Reflecting light shining within you, brings others comfort, hope, encouragement, and cheer.

Scaling summits where eagles soar and ascending from valleys others cannot survive t’is amazing.

Your way with people is remarkable. It’s a wonder that you have anything to do with them since the afflictions you’ve overcome have been so extreme.

I’ve such pride for you regarding your ascension in spite of the wicked. They’ve cast venomous spells to tarnish and kill your spirit.

You’re as a glorious phoenix rising from ashes showing forth glory and majesty.

What encouragement…

©2012 Nesi Writes


Judge Me Not, Sister

Art: Daniel Chiriac, Until The End of Time

I feel as though you are judging me because of things I don’t know, am learning, and allowing myself to explore.

You are a most beholden dear friend, and I am thankful for you.

You teach me so much. We share the depths of our souls and intimate details with such ease—what a privilege.

Judging is so uncharacteristic of your nature. Yet, I sense it about my choices and the experiences I choose to have with men.

I’m still discovering me, including how I relate to men. I have not settled on any particular one of them because of my exploration towards freedom.

You and I, my friend, are a lot alike in multiple ways. Nevertheless, our contrasting views on varied thoughts and ideas only enhance the beauty of our friendship.

I am so proud of you for discovering what you seek to share in a partnership. I am equally delighted you have shared guidance with me about some options to consider as I continue my exploration on this “men” voyage.

Some opinions you assert about men ring true with me—some do not resonate at all. This I can and am willing to live with.

My most-recent encounter was fun, exciting, and flirtatious. I don’t know the road it will take—if any.

But, I am open to the possibility of exploration if the opportunity presents itself—aligning with what we seek to experience. We are separate souls with mutually exclusive desires.

If it goes nowhere, that is fine with me, too. I have learned (observed would be more appropriate) that other opportunities with the opposite sex will definitely present themselves. And I look forward to those occasions.

Yeah, I know people have their ideas and ideals about the type of man I would be better suited with; but, ultimately, it is my choice.

No one except me knows my soul’s desires regarding men or what my soul wants to experience with them. I will follow those desires as I see fit. I have come to trust my instincts and rely on them heavily.

Should my journey continue with several men, one man, or anywhere in between, “Ship ahoy, Mate!” I’m sailing.

©2010, Nesi Writes


My Warrior


Art: Jay Bakari Allen, African King

You’ve voyaged to find yourself amid your countless masculine victories.

I do not know this world into which you have journeyed, for maiden has not trodden its dismal and dangerous shores only men of strength and valor—such as you—gallantly march to overpower terrible dragons endangering those you’ve been commissioned to protect.

My knight, my prince, my hero, your horse carries you.

Your mind stirs the way.

Your bronze protects you—for you destroy foes a thousand deep.

I know you will choose what’s best because you have what it takes to make split-second decisions with pinpoint accuracy.

That is why I adore and admire you so much, my warrior.

© 2012, Nesi Writes



Art: Kenneth Gatewood, Adonis

I listen to your mind’s strong, powerful, confident thoughts reverberating back and forth in my inner ear of consciousness announcing your approach.

My soul thirsts for stimulation of the intellectual kind.

Muse of a man, if there ever existed a masculine being of sorts, welcome to my private chamber, my inner sanctum.

© 2012, Nesi Writes