The Coup

Art: Berlin Interrogation (Artist Unknown)

We’re really perplexed, Sir, regarding this mission.You insist that we prepare for battle to sneak attack the enemy. Where are we going? Why can’t you tell us?

Should I inform you, recoiling and retreating will be your initial reaction. Since you are great warriors, you’d recover quickly carrying out this coup. We have no time to spare so let’s go forth executing our operation. I’ve received the mission report—either you’re with me or not. Our goal is sneaking in like thieves in the night and making not a peep. Clip their security wire so their defenses are down. Our target is the strongman and/or his cohorts.

We’re inside the enemy’s camp; their building is ours, now. Since the strongman isn’t in sight, imprison his cronies as our captives. Ensure no harm befalls them. We’ll interrogate them at base camp. Secure as much intelligence as you find for the higher ranks to assess. Move quickly carrying the cargo back to base camp where the interrogation begins.

Who is your master—your strongman? It’s impossible to do what you’ve done on your own. Warriors, do what is required to gain access to their strongman—by any means necessary. Their continuous guerrilla terror attacks in our domain must cease. Take them to the holding cell for answers—starving them, if necessary, like the fever they are. Quiet! The General‘s footsteps approach—seeking answers

Sir, yes, sir!

Ops, what’s the recon status? Is the enemy bound, ceasing these asinine attacks, out maneuvering our defenses, and threatening our security?

Sir, no, Sir!

By sword, shield, or anything from our vast arsenal of warfare tactics, cast out this enemy, pronto. Do I make myself clear?

Sir, yes, Sir!

Commander, occupy your territory. Finish this job—no time to waste for we’ve been patient long enough with this enemy’s nonsense and foolishness. At ease and carry on with your mission. Terminate the enemy—the strongman these flunkies serve…

©2012 Nesi Writes