Bless Our Hearts

Artist: Elizabeth Catlett

My heart feels kinda bad ‘cause my man done gone.

Wudin’ mine no mo’ anyhow, bless his heart.

He won’t even give me da time o’ day.

I feels pitiful ‘cause I wants to rekindle some thangs that used to be.

I thought the fire was out but sumpin’ done sparked.

Don’t mean I wants to really strike up no romance ‘cause too many years done gone by.

But my l’il self tried ta reach out, and, maybe my efforts was in vain.

I feels kinda foolish now—shoulda let him make a move.

Aw, but he didn’t.

So, my l’il fast tail couldn’t wait.

Now, I’s just gone have ta put this here woe aside ‘cause it’s so unbecoming.

©2012 Nesi Writes



Lethargic Nothingness

Carly Hardy, Birds of Prey

Boredom takes a seat pouring a slow molasses like lethargy over my being.

I feel imprisoned in this nothingness—nothing motivates or stirs me.

Yes, I know the masses stand with their little list perched as sheet music ready to sing their operatic song of what I should or could do to escape boredom‘s hold.

Sing on if you must.

My ears hear you—my mind won’t listen.

Enfolded in the lull of boredom’s cradle, nothing penetrates this trap.

I wait it out until the next day.

Upon rising, I’m as good as new with a million and one things to do.

However, right now—this moment—I’m boredom’s prey.

©2012 Nesi Writes

Mister High Maintenance

Karen Joy Picketts, Portrait of Oscar Wilde
Art: Karen Joy Picketts, Portrait of Oscar Wilde

When I think of high maintenance, I envision a woman. Recently, my perception of high maintenance turned to men.

Some men emit signals requiring women to go beyond their real identity just to be with them.

This message all too often is not verbalized to the woman.

The meta message thumps…“To be with me; you must…”

Analyzing this pulsating thump and how it dictates some relationships, I’ve concluded: being you instead of some fabricated humanoid is best.

Like and enjoy yourself—quirks goodness and all.

I encourage a fast to sacrifice “do this, and maybe I will give you some attention.”

Mister, there’s a High Maintenance Woman already seasoned to accommodate your high maintenance self; so step to her.

Ladies, know there are men in your league who do not need cultivating—they are awaiting you.

Let’s keep it honest and real, High Maintenance Man, we are vastly different in our desires and needs.

Au revoir…

©2012 Nesi Writes

Writer Man

Art: Oliver Ray, Man Writing

What are you doing, thinking, being, freeing?

Like a see-saw or whirling twirling swirling but never unnerving

I do dig you like an ole school record

‘Cause, Baby, I love your ways

You are re-quieting enticing spicing like the House of Atredis, my Lord

You are worthy I’m glad you know that

Float on, soar, and carry on your Highness

Beauty is her name—so accommodating, ego stroking spirit of yours elating

I don’t know if I trust her, but, if you do, if that pleases you, go on through to do you ‘cause she is pursuing you though you already knew

We all need our Strokerz for they give us that flesh zinger that twinge and fix we need

I guess the rest of us have to sort through our own mess as we see your groupies serenade you, throw their word panties at you

It sickens me when some floozy tries to woo you with her honey dipped words rolling off her lips

The pretty ones make us wince because we don’t believe in our own beauty (have mercy) see our own worth our own value if we did we would not be jealous it’s true

Pure jealousy haunts me when I see you flirting with those Prancers and Posers because I can’t have you

Now, I see that I want to own you, control you, make you the property that I so loathe being for anyone else…

©2012 Nesi Writes


Chaotic Living

Image: Mr Four Fingers, Chaos Rules

Coalescing diverse components from the planet

Creating this monstrous life

Concocting such a mess of things

Contemplating the truth of the matter

Formless void

Lifeless insanity

Struggling to make this independence work

Dr. Frankenstein-ish fervor

Incessant movement to and fro

Seeking bits and pieces to adhere to this thing-a-ma-jig parcel of a life

Frustration laments

Inoperable spirit


Consuming madness

Nothing earthly powers this life form

I so passionately desire to create

Missing: The True Spirit

The God power

©Nesi Writes

The Coup

Art: Berlin Interrogation (Artist Unknown)

We’re really perplexed, Sir, regarding this mission.You insist that we prepare for battle to sneak attack the enemy. Where are we going? Why can’t you tell us?

Should I inform you, recoiling and retreating will be your initial reaction. Since you are great warriors, you’d recover quickly carrying out this coup. We have no time to spare so let’s go forth executing our operation. I’ve received the mission report—either you’re with me or not. Our goal is sneaking in like thieves in the night and making not a peep. Clip their security wire so their defenses are down. Our target is the strongman and/or his cohorts.

We’re inside the enemy’s camp; their building is ours, now. Since the strongman isn’t in sight, imprison his cronies as our captives. Ensure no harm befalls them. We’ll interrogate them at base camp. Secure as much intelligence as you find for the higher ranks to assess. Move quickly carrying the cargo back to base camp where the interrogation begins.

Who is your master—your strongman? It’s impossible to do what you’ve done on your own. Warriors, do what is required to gain access to their strongman—by any means necessary. Their continuous guerrilla terror attacks in our domain must cease. Take them to the holding cell for answers—starving them, if necessary, like the fever they are. Quiet! The General‘s footsteps approach—seeking answers

Sir, yes, sir!

Ops, what’s the recon status? Is the enemy bound, ceasing these asinine attacks, out maneuvering our defenses, and threatening our security?

Sir, no, Sir!

By sword, shield, or anything from our vast arsenal of warfare tactics, cast out this enemy, pronto. Do I make myself clear?

Sir, yes, Sir!

Commander, occupy your territory. Finish this job—no time to waste for we’ve been patient long enough with this enemy’s nonsense and foolishness. At ease and carry on with your mission. Terminate the enemy—the strongman these flunkies serve…

©2012 Nesi Writes

Journey of My Heart

Photography: Barron Claiborne, Black Rose

My heart…

…instinctively knew

…yearned privately

…suffered emotional assault

…rapidly degenerated



…completely shattered


My heart gladly anticipates new beginnings…

© 2012 Nesi Writes