My Address

I could always go home

But home’s decaying

Home’s drying up

I run to another room in my mind

There’s no bed for me

Even the floor is unfit

Where’s my place?

Where’s it gone?

I’ve no place to call my own

Left alone in this world just like I came…

art: miguel linares rios


Catching Feelings Aren’t You?

So you think you’re in love & wanna get married? Take a look @ what some say you oughta have in your relationship before you take the plunge…

Pain Change

my pain‘s real right now.


absent soul.

beeping out for a connection. touré says move on to the next thing; im not feeling it.

trying to make moves but moves ain’t making me.

this blackness is bleak.

im shifting in multiple directions with hesitation marks all over the planet.

all is looking toward the big d; but, I don’t wanna go there.

my desire is to lie comfy in my bed until the wind changes.

yes, it always changes, rabbit !

didn’t you know?

nothing’s permanent.

not even you…

artist: David Choe