Voyage to Your Center

Art: Lola Bryant, Global Silhouette

My pilgrimage to your center reveals my personal truth awaiting my embrace—transparency’s not child’s play.

© 2012, Nesi Writes


On My Way

Artist: Poh Ling Yeow

When my way is heavy, I do not have to carry the load.

When my direction is unclear, I have a Spiritual GPS that directs me.

When I’m outraged, I have a choice to accept and acknowledge my feelings plus help that causes me to behave in a manner consistent with my heavenly nature—allowing love, joy, and peace to have their way.

When I’m confused about what someone has done, I can shake it off remembering not to take it personally because that person may be reacting to something or someone other than me…I can bless them and not curse them for that power is within me.

Today, I choose to exercise my God-given right to live out of my Spirit in spite of what other voices I hear…

…oh, by the way, don’t call those people with that specially designed jacket just because I admit I hear other voices—LOL…I know you hear them, too.

© 2012 Nesi Writes

Are You Winning Your Master’s War?

Image: Dick Price, The War After The War

The doorknob turned as anarchy stormed in.

Violence ensued.

Mercy fled.

The war waged on the field of time.

The adversaries bellowed their distinctive battle cries charging to defend their cause ordered by their respective commanders.

Like any good soldier, you fight the battle without understanding the cause—that’s what you signed up to do.

Since relinquishing your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and views, to your leader, you no longer command your own life. Someone else dictates your actions, your every move, and your way of living. You have only the voice of your leader’s commands and orders echoing throughout your being.

Your true identity’s been stripped—dead to the world, dead to you, dead to anyone you encounter especially noticeable to those desiring a relationship with you.

No chapter in your war manual exists for appropriately interacting with those longing to be close to you because you’ve been programmed to die. Relationships necessitate life.

Your life’s no longer yours. Regrettably true, you’ve sold your soul forgetting you were born free with liberty to move about unfettered.

As the battle persists—lives cut down, enemies (of your leader) destroyed—you feel victorious because it seems you’re winning.

I inquire of you, “What are you winning—your master’s war?”

You can give no thought to my questions presently. If you do, you will die on this non-self-imposed battlefield.

Your commander equipped you with the art of war to do combat in his battle defending his interests in his stead.

For your survival, you must follow his instructions to the letter until this battle’s end to embrace your truth and purposed identity lying just beyond this war zone.

Hold on soldier—fight for your survival so you can live to determine your own destiny.


© 2012, Nesi Writes